The world according to Alice…

Alice, our daughter, is now 2 (nearly 3) years old. I’m astounded every day by her simple logic, stringing conditions along with “and” and “or”. And she’s becoming more and more aware of the world around her, amazing us by her ever increasing comprehension. Sometimes she feels she needs to explain it to us. But then her imagination kicks in… so theses are some facts about the world, according to our toddler, that may amaze you.

  1. She’s knows that Maman has a baby in her belly.  But, what you didn’t know, is that Maman’s belly has a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a playroom for the baby.
  2. Daddy (me) and herself have kangaroos in our bellies.
  3. Dragons live in the Jungle. A good place to have them.
  4. A hippopotamus lives behind our shed and the oil tank is actually the spider’s house and so we should stay away from it.
  5. Swiper, a fox from the cartoon Dora the explorer, is bloom’in everywhere. He can be right in front of you, even though you can’t see him but can be frightened away, thankfully, by being firm and repeating the mantra “Swiper. No Swiping. Swiper. No Swiping” (taken from the cartoon FYI).
  6. Animals and people can be put into one of three groups: Maman, Daddy and “Alice” (sometimes called baby). There are some additional special categories, specifically for older animals and people: Granny or Mounet and Papu. It’s amazing how verstile this labelling this system. It can be applied to any picture.
  7. Barney has a big nose, apparently.
  8. All elephants are called Dumbo.
  9. Daddy is actually a gorilla.

I’m sure more amazing facts will be revealed in the coming months, I’ll keep you updated. :)

(Previously amazing facts from our daughter on “beep-beep” is nearly as versatile as fuck).

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