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Fix for TDO Mini Form’s drag’n’drop issue in WordPress 3.0 coming

Got to the bottom of not being able to drag and drop in my TDO Mini Forms plugin after WordPress 3.0 upgrade. The fix will take a bit of time to do as it requires a little re-engineering of the Create Forms screen. The problem occurred because with WordPress 3.0, they also updated their jQuery […]

Run for cover WordPress 3.0 has arrived and TDO Mini Forms mostly works!

I’ve just spent a good hour updating all my sites to the latest drop of WordPress 3.0 (I’m amazing I’m running so many, anyway…). As far as I can tell TDO Mini Forms is still mostly working okay. Certainly you can upgrade right now if you’re security conscious. Submitting post and previewing seems to be […]

Forgive me Internet, for I have been lax. It has been over six months since I did any work on TDO Mini Forms…

Even finding time to write this blog post is problematic, having to push it into the few spare minutes during my lunch break. I simply have not found the time to work on TDO Mini Forms. Well that’s not entirely true, I haven’t found time and motivation this last six months. Part of the problem […]