Run for cover WordPress 3.0 has arrived and TDO Mini Forms mostly works!

I’ve just spent a good hour updating all my sites to the latest drop of WordPress 3.0 (I’m amazing I’m running so many, anyway…). As far as I can tell TDO Mini Forms is still mostly working okay. Certainly you can upgrade right now if you’re security conscious. Submitting post and previewing seems to be okay. But the drag/drop in the form editor is broken, so you can’t edit or create new forms. I’ll see over the next week if I can fix it. Please feel free to log any issues about upgrading here and I’ll see what I can get through.

If you notice anything else that doesn’t work after upgrade, feel free to drop a comment here. I don’t have the bandwidth to test every feature, so I’m sure some minor feature or corner issue may also break.

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