A more Gothic version of rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock

love-death-necromancer-world-misunderstoodmonsterSo I know Halloween was so last week, I did end up doing this thing on Halloween. Over on G+ a fellow gamer, called Uri Kurlianchik, asked for a more fantasy or gothic alternative for Rock-Paper-Scissors. Barely without thinking I suggested Love-Death-Necromancer. I guess it was the season for it.

  • Death steals Love.
  • Necromancer beats Death.
  • Love overcomes the Necromancer.

In my thinking, Love is a fist, Death is a single finger and Necromancer is all fingers pointing forward. But I’m open to suggestions. You can also replace Necromancer with (Mad) Scientist or Vampire if you so wish.

Well what about a five point version? Five point version? Yes, apparently if you watch a show called the Big Bang Theory they have a five point version of rock-paper-scissors called rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock. It has five gestures instead of three and so less chance of tie.

So I thought about it and added two new elements: World and Misunderstood Monster.  World of course could be Angry Mob, Society, Humans or Mundanes while Misunderstood Monster could be Outsider, Freak, Alien, Sired Vampire, Undead and so on. Having five points makes the whole thing slightly more complicated, with each element being beaten by two other elements.

The expanded list goes like this:

  • Death steals Love
  • Death satisfies World
  • Love overcomes Necromancer
  • Love overcomes World
  • Necromancer beats Death
  • Necromancer created Misunderstood Monster
  • World burns Necromancer
  • World burns Misunderstood Monster
  • Misunderstood Monster overcame Death
  • Misunderstood Monster destroys Love

For Misunderstood Monster you can use a sock-puppet like gesture, where your hand is in the shape of a C . And for World use a palm forward (much like the gesture to “talk to the hand”).

What do you think?

(An earlier draft of this post appeared on G+)

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