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Fix for TDO Mini Form’s drag’n’drop issue in WordPress 3.0 coming

Got to the bottom of not being able to drag and drop in my TDO Mini Forms plugin after WordPress 3.0 upgrade. The fix will take a bit of time to do as it requires a little re-engineering of the Create Forms screen. The problem occurred because with WordPress 3.0, they also updated their jQuery […]

Run for cover WordPress 3.0 has arrived and TDO Mini Forms mostly works!

I’ve just spent a good hour updating all my sites to the latest drop of WordPress 3.0 (I’m amazing I’m running so many, anyway…). As far as I can tell TDO Mini Forms is still mostly working okay. Certainly you can upgrade right now if you’re security conscious. Submitting post and previewing seems to be […]

The answer to my question: WordPress “Press It” feature

I asked, not too long ago, if anyone had suggestions on sharing stuff from google reader in a nice way into WordPress. No-one answered and I didn’t find any solutions myself. However, I did come across this plugin for WordPress: Quick Post. It didn’t install properly when I tried it, but I played with it […]

Suggestions for how to share stuff from Google Reader in a WordPress blog?

I know of plugins that can take your Google Reader Shared Items and automatically generate a post for you. (I was using this one and it’s quite good). This is nice, but doesn’t actually make a great post. I know you can setup a “Send To” in Google Reader to post items from Google Reader […]

Modifying the WordPress query in your theme without breaking plugins

In the WordPress codex, it explains how to modify what posts are in the loop by modifying the WordPress Query object. However there is a catch with this, because by using rewind_posts() for example, you are generating a brand new query to the database that doesn’t trigger plugins. Specifically this came up when creating the […]

TDO Mini Forms for WordPress 2.5: 0.10.2

I made version 0.10.2 of TDO Mini Forms avaliable yesterday. The main purpose of this release is to make TDO Mini Forms compatible with WordPress 2.5. You can download it from the usual place. Fixed a bug if you reload the image capatcha, it would not longer verify Added a flag TDOMF_HIDE_REGISTER_GLOBAL_ERROR in tdomf.php that can be set to true to hide the […]

Update on TDO Mini Forms migration to WordPress 2.5

Thanks to those who donated! Much appreciated. As it turns out the migration is going a lot easier than I had anticipated. Functionally TDO Mini Forms works fine under WordPress 2.5 but much of the admin backend was screwed up. The Form Widgets screen is broken The main TDOMF page is messed up The TDOMF […]

WordPress 2.5 and TDO Mini Forms

The last release of TDO Mini Forms plugin (version 0.10.1) hasn’t been tested on the newly released WordPress 2.5 until today and a number of problems are cropping up. The list right now is: The Form Widgets screen is broken The main TDOMF page is messed up The TDOMF sidebar on the Edit Post screen appears in the wrong place There appears to be an […]

TDO Mini Forms WordPress Plugin (v0.13.9)

Download now from! Temporary Mirror Requires at least WordPress v and tested up to WordPress v. For Installation, Screenshots, FAQ, Full Version History and Known Bugs, please check the included readme.txt or the page for the plugin. For Support (and live demo), please see the Forums. This plugin has been downloaded times. Related Posts:Where has TDO […]

TDO Forum WordPress Theme (v3)

This theme turns your WordPress blog into a Forum! Download it now! Related Posts:Check Item #1… 7 more to go…Arg, how I hate Internet Explorer!Want to add a Forum to your Wordpress Blog? Use TDO-Forum!TDO-Forum has been digged and wired. Should I worry?Use Wordpress as a Forum (powered by TDOMF)!