Halloween 2007 has come and gone!

So I missed Gaelcon this year. I know it won’t change but it’s the worst weekend to run a convention. There is so much stuff going on for Halloween. In previous years I tried to switch each year between the Horrorfest in the IFC and Gaelcon, but it is very hard to justify spending the entire Halloween weekend away from my family.

It’s surprising how Halloween has changed for me over the years. This year was wonderful. Alice, my three year old daughter, had a whale of a time going from house to house and saying “trick or tricks” (what I don’t get is, she was well able to say “trick or treat” while walking between the houses…) and filling up her bag. And there was such a great atmosphere on the street with neighbours actually talking to each other and interacting with the local kids. A few years ago (okay, many years ago), it was all about horror movies and parties for me. I didn’t catch one horror movie all week!

I can’t wait till next year! :)

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