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The Dinosaur Teaparty

Alice (our three year old daughter) has recently developed a love of dinosaurs and this is the result: (Sorry about the low quality, I snapped this with my mobile phone camera) Related Posts:My daughter wants to be a Ninja!More Alice quotesMore Wisdom from a ToddlerWisdom from a toddlerExtermalade, Extermalade, Extermalade!

Capturing stars with an umbrella

Yesterday I had to pick up Alice, my 3 year old daughter, from her after-school instead of my wife. Normally I drop the kids off and my wife does the pick-up, but she’s still out sick today. I brought Alice’s little umbrella along. It’s a small pink frilly thing with picture’s of Disney’s trademark Cinderella […]

One of the many “joys” of having kids is…

One of the many “joys” of having kids is the family-communal-getting-sick-together weekends. Kids get sick. It’s part of growing up, builds up their immunity. It is even more common if your kids are in creche or school as they’ll get sick “6 or 7 times in the year” (as our Doctor once told us) as they’ll pick up what […]

2007 Christmass TODO List progress

You’re going to hate me. Sorry. Figure out what to get everyone… check! Get Alice to write Santa letter… check! Buy presents… check! Wrap presents… check! Put up Christmass lights… check! Put up Christmass tree… check! Put up Christmass decorations… still to be done but will be done by the end of the week. Related […]

Halloween 2007 has come and gone!

So I missed Gaelcon this year. I know it won’t change but it’s the worst weekend to run a convention. There is so much stuff going on for Halloween. In previous years I tried to switch each year between the Horrorfest in the IFC and Gaelcon, but it is very hard to justify spending the […]

Wisdom from a toddler

“Don’t say sugar, Daddy. Say shit.” Related Posts:My daughter wants to be a Ninja!More Alice quotesMore Wisdom from a ToddlerThe Dinosaur TeapartyExtermalade, Extermalade, Extermalade!

Learning to GM from a toddler

“Daddy, you sit there and I’ll read you a story”. “Okay”. Alice (our nearly-three year-old toddler) picks up her Maman’s romance novel and randomly opens it. “Once-apon-a-time-one-day, a group of yellow ducks go down to the swimming pool.” Alice goes to the next page. “They scream ‘AAAAAAAAAAA’.” “Why do they scream?” Alice shows me her […]

“Listen here, Mr. Goat, did you poo on my head?”

My mother-in-law works for a publisher in France, kid’s books mostly. She gets piles of free books for kids. During Christmas, Alice my daughter, was playing with the pile of books and came across a book entitled “De la petite taupe qui voulait savoir qui lui avait fait sur la tete”. She loved it. The […]

More astounding facts according to Alice!

Previously on thedeadone.net, I shared some of the amazing “facts” that Alice, our nearly three years old daughter, had discovered. I’ve got two four new ones for you. The kangaroos in her and Daddy’s bellies have gone. Dinosaurs are actually Dragons. Most monsters are, actually. All the air-planes in Dublin Airport are actually Robots. I […]

Mr. T as the Jabberwocky!

I’m a bit of Alice-in-Wonderland-o-phile, so imagine my joy when my daughter (called Alice) was given a DVD called “Alice through the looking glass”. Now it looks absolutely terrible from the cover. But then I looked at the voice actors… Mr. T as the Jabberwocky! Wow. (You know I don’t recall the Jabberwocky actually talking […]