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Separating the Author from their Writing

Does anyone else have difficulty separating the author from the book? I prefer to know little or nothing about the author of a book before I start reading it. This equally applies to roleplaying books and it’s a roleplaying book that I’m having difficulty at the moment separating the creator (and his/her actions/opinions) from the […]

I’m just after spending 150 euros on Roleplaying Books!

Among them three Fudge books! Related Posts:I love it when I receive books in the mail…TDO Combat Fudge v0.1A thought on GM versus Player narrative power in indie gamesSeparating the Author from their WritingWho the xxxx is Doc Savage?

Arg! Why I don’t like PDF books…

One feature… that is all that is missing from Adobe Acrobat Reader. The ability to bookmark the position you last stopped reading. It’s simple really, it doesn’t even have to modify the file. If I’m going to use a big PDF book for gaming, I’d really like the ability to bookmark several pages for quick […]

Drawing while on holidays in Chargey

There is simply something cool about having a hobby that requires you to use tools and to take care of those tools. I know roleplaying has ten-side dice and big fancy cool books, but it’s just not the same. I understand now how fishing can be enjoyable without actually catching anything. I found myself getting all […]

PDF versus Paper?

I like my hardback and softback book. I like having a physical library of roleplaying books. But I just got paid and I want to buy a number of indie RPGs. I can’t get them all from the one website and in fact two of them are only avaliable in PDF. So I started to […]

“Listen here, Mr. Goat, did you poo on my head?”

My mother-in-law works for a publisher in France, kid’s books mostly. She gets piles of free books for kids. During Christmas, Alice my daughter, was playing with the pile of books and came across a book entitled “De la petite taupe qui voulait savoir qui lui avait fait sur la tete”. She loved it. The […]

Some thoughts on Mage and Exalted

Over the holidays, I read a weak fantasy book called Prospero’s Children (by Jan Siegel published in 2000). It was one of the many second hand books I picked up before I left. It isn’t very good, well at least I didn’t think so. But the world and mythos it created screamed parallels with Mage […]

The Dead One’s Approach to Buying Books

Before I went on holidays there were a number of posts about books and what to read. People seem to go after favourite authors or series. I don’t. I don’t like or take friends’ recommendations either. It’s the only reason I haven’t read Harry Potter yet. I don’t know why but when I pick up […]

The Conscious Universe

I wrote up a review for Redbrick.books of “The Conscious Universe” by Dean Radin. I wonder will it provoke any discussion on the boards though? Related Posts:Project Free Brick?I ain’t sorry…“A Non Designer’s Design Book”Last night at storytime with the kids…Alan Moore wrote the Bible’s New Testament!